Area Rug Cleaning Pick Up Or At Your Home.

Area rug cleaning is one of the oldest carpet cleaning services. Because carpet cleaning used to be very aggressive on the fibers and use harsh chemicals to cleaning the stains, area rug cleaning was done by dry cleaning. You must remember the years it used to take between 1-4 weeks to receive your area rug back. In addition the price per square foot for area rug dry cleaning was and still is so high. Depending on your rug, you could be spending $1-$6 per square foot for the cleaning. Therefore, after the last economy hick up and with the new technology there was a need for reformation of the industry. You wanted a much quicker area rug cleaning service and wish to pay less. Therefore, we mastered and specialized in area rug cleaning with our professional carpet cleaning machines. By doing so we are able to reduce the cost of your cleaning by at least 50%. In addition you are able to enjoy your clean rug right away. No need to wait 1-4 weeks in order to receive it back.

How are we able to clean your rug at your own home?

Over the years of service we have trialed many rug for practice with a variety of rug cleaning products. Some products are better for oriental rugs and some for wool rug cleaning. In addition, we have mastered the right temperatures and pressure for the rug cleaning. Now we are proud to say that we make new clients happy every day with our area rug cleaning service. We are able to save you money, and by doing so you are able to clean your rugs more often. Therefore, keeping their vibrant look over time.

Our area rug cleaning in Mission Viejo, CA for the past decade.

It has been a while for us serving the local customers in Mission Viejo, CA. We have served our professional carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning services in Mission Viejo and Orange County. Many of you use us regularly for your carpet cleaning needs. In addition, many of your homes are decorated with beautiful area rug pieces that we maintain fresh for you. For more information about our area rug cleaning in Mission Viejo, CA, please contact us.