Tile & Grout Cleaning is The Perfect Cleaning Combo For Your Home.

Why is this service called tile and grout cleaning, and why is it necessary? Well, lets take a closer look at our tile floors and examine the method it was built by. Normally, for most tile floors, the tiles are laid with a small gap in between them. This gap is there in order to protect the tile and give a buffer between each tile. This gap is filled with grout, which essentially is sand like material. By getting the grout wet, it is poured in between all grout lines and dries over. Then, every good tile installer should know to put a layer of sealer on top of the grout. Otherwise, you grout will absorb any spills on it and with time cheap and turn darker. In case the grout was not sealed properly, it would be very difficult to restore its original look. However, a great difference will definitely show. Now that we understand the structure of our tile floor and we understand the reason tile and grout cleaning go together, we can take a deeper look into our cleaning.

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning in Mission Viejo, CA.

Mission Viejo, CA is a beautiful suburb city with many high end houses. Many of our local customers have beautiful tile floors in the first level. Whether it is travertine, lime stone, marble or regular ceramic tiles. Your tile floors should be maintained periodically just like your carpet and upholstery. Nevertheless, the great thing about tile floors is the durability and low maintenance needs. If your carpet needs on average 2 cleanings, then your tile floors could keep their shine between 2-3 years. For over a decade we have served our professional tile and grout cleaning in Mission Viejo, CA. Many of you are using us on regular basis for all of your cleanings 2-3 a years. While some of you call us once every other year. We do our best to make ourselves more available to you by offering great carpet cleaning coupons and specials. Our goal is to keep your home clean and fresh for you to enjoy. Please contact us for more information about our tile and grout cleaning in Mission Viejo, CA.