Are you looking for a great pet stain removal?

If you have pet stain occurring on your carpet constantly then you must be familiar with many pet stain removal products. However, most pet stain removal product will damage you carpet.

Over the counter pet stain removal.

When using an over the counter pet stain removal product, you are using a compound of chemicals that react with the stain. The only and best way to remove pet stains from your carpet or upholstery is with an enzyme. However, the enzyme is an expensive cleaning product and 100% green and safe. So, the stores do not have it in the pure form due to its price. Therefore, they mix it up with cheaper carpet cleaning products which causes the enzyme to be useless in the compound. Then, the chemicals take the front raw of action and they react with the bodily fluids. Normally, they change the color of the stains, mainly to orange, and they leave massive amount of residue inside your carpet.

Trying to work on your pre treated pet stains.

Normally, when we arrive to clean your carpet from pet stain we can immediately tell if it was cleaned by your prior. The areas of stains generate foam and the color is clearly seen. In addition, in some product bleach agents are added. That is causing your stain to bleach the carpet once it comes in contact with steam.

Our Enzyme as your pet stain removal.

As we mentioned prior, we use 100% pure enzyme in our pet stain removal carpet cleaning service. The enzyme is a live bacteria and acts for many hour after applied. In addition, we let the enzyme linger into the stained area on your carpet and leave it there to be able to work on it. Then, we slowly work our steam over the troubled areas and check for the response. We do not want to block your stain on the carpet, and that is why we use extra caution. If necessary we will repeat this process a couple of times until we get the desired results. Nevertheless, being careful with getting the carpet too wet and leaving residue is crucial. If some of the pet stain is left in a wet area with residue, it could grow back over time. For more information about our pet stain removal carpet cleaning service in Mission Viejo, CA, please contact us.