Are you looking for a carpet cleaning service?

There are many reasons for you to search for a carpet cleaning service. Carpet cleaning is one of the basic services each household needs. Whether you are moving in or out, of if you just need your periodical carpet cleaning service. Our carpet cleaning service will help you get the job done right and last longer. Carpet cleaning is a process that is composed of a few steps that must be taken in order to achieve best results. Only vacuuming alone would not keep your carpet at proper maintenance. In addition, in many cases shampoo and steam are also not enough to get the proper carpet cleaning for your needs. Depending on your carpet condition, several steps might need to be taken in order to achieve best results.
  • Matching correct carpet cleaning products for specific stains
  • Agitation at the right amount on all troubled areas
  • Shampoo and steam of the entire carpet
  • applying the right amount of suction so the carpet does not stay wet
  • Repeating a process if necessary
  • Apply carpet proctor (Scotch Guard)
When going through the full process of carpet cleaning in your house, you will get longer lasting results on the carpet. Therefore you will save money on future carpet cleaning and new carpet installation.

How does carpet cleaning actually work?

First, we should examine the structure of a carpet at your typical home. Although carpets have a variety of grades and quality, they are all laid in a similar way. The first step of installing a carpet involves the first layer of pad to buffer between the concrete floors and the carpet. It insulates the space in the room plus it eliminates noise of walking. Then, on top of the pad the carpet is installed. You can easily understand that many of your stains will sink into the pad and stay there. Once the stain is lingering on the pad, it would be much harder to remove. In addition, if the stain consists of bacteria, like pet stains, it will grow with time and deteriorate the carpet and pad.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service in Mission Viejo, CA.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service in Mission Viejo has served customers in Orange County and Mission Viejo in particular for over a decade. We know many of you from years of service, and probably we have cleaned your house before. It is our great honor to be at your service for all of your carpet cleaning needs. Please contact us for more information about our same day carpet cleaning service.