Now You Can Also DIY With Our Pet Stain & Odor Removal Formula.

In most houses that have a pet or several pets, pet stains are inevitable. Especially in the first year and last year of the pet’s life, pet stains are frequently occurring. Moreover, throughout the pet’s life there are times when it gets sick and that could also lead to vomit stains, diarrhea and even blood stains. Therefore, in order to remove the pet stains and odor from the carpet, a professional carpet cleaning is a must. However, not always and not every time you get a stain you can call a professional carpet cleaner.

So, what can you do? You go to the store to buy an over the counter pet stain remover. However, in most cases you will realize that you just applied a cheap soap on your carpet, and it made it even worse. Nevertheless, now you can use the same products that pros are using, Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula.

DIY Pet Stain & Odor Removal Products Are Not Always A Good Idea.

Of course when you decide to clean the pet stains yourself, you have to search for the best pet stain remover. If you had dealt with pet stains more than a couple of times, you already know that most products do not really help. Actually, most over the counter pet stain removers are soap based. Therefore, they are cheap to buy, but cause more issues. When you apply soap to your carpet, it acts very similar to laundry detergent. It creates high level residue in your carpet in the most vulnerable spot, the pet stain.

Moreover, the pet stain itself consists of bacteria molecules. So, once the soap residue settles in your carpet, the pet stain bacteria thrives on it and grow more. That is why purchasing the correct pet stain and odor removal formula is so important.

Using The Best Pet Stain Remover Carpet Cleaner.

When you use a professional grade pet stain remover you should expect a powerful acting agent that will dissolve the odor causing molecules on contact. In addition, while dissolving the odor causing molecules, the pet stain removal formula should also offer a fresh deodorizing fragrant to take place in stead. And, last but not least, the professional pet stain remover should leave little to no residue, so bacteria can not multiply and grow more.

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