We Offer Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service in Mission Viejo, California.

Typically every seasonal change our HVAC system is getting back to take a major role in our lives. Whether it happens in the hot summer days with air conditioning on. Or, in the cold winter days when we turn on the heat and the furnace works extra time. Normally at these times we discover whether we have any issues with our HVAC unit and/or with our air duct system.

When you are experiencing low quality of air blowing around the house, and allergies strike hard, it is time for professional air duct cleaning. Also, if you notice lack of air blowing from your air ducts, it could also mean that a professional air duct cleaning service is needed. With our air duct inspection service we can locate and find different issues that you may have with your air ducts.

Also, we understand that some cases could demand urgent service, therefore, you may contact Dr. Air Duct Cleaning Mission Viejo directly for immediate response.

The Process Of Our Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service in Mission Viejo.

Of course before we begin our air duct cleaning service we fully inspect the air duct unit. We have to make sure the unit is not torn or broken anywhere along the lines. In addition, it is important to search for asbestos in order not to lead to more issues.

Once we are done with the inspection, we connect our negative air machine to a main register. Then, while the negative air machine is working we agitate and clean all air ducts in the home, or commercial space. In addition to that, in some cases disinfecting fogging mist should be applied in to eliminate bacteria that might be existing in your air ducts.

Moreover, in some units the furnace will also need a cleaning along with the main cold air intake. We are equipped and ready to crawl under you home and in your attic in order to offer you the best professional air duct cleaning service.

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